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LleryTur Cuba, is a Receptive Agency made up of Cuban personnel, with extensive knowledge of the tourist sector in Cuba, which will provide you with the best and most extensive options for Accommodation and Tourist Offers, as well as Tourist and Historical Information of Cuba, Maps, Places . It is the most extensive Information and Offers site in Cuba. These Offers and Information are offered within 3 websites, such as:

Let's explain the most significant details of each of them.

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Main Site

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It shows you some of the Main Places that you can visit, and the Tourist Offers that we offer, such as : Accommodation in more than 500 Houses for Rent for all standards throughout Cuba, and the Services provided : Packages and Tourist Circuits, City Tour, Cuba Tour, Diving Classes or Excursions, Dance Classes and Spanish Language and Computer, and other Aditional Services, as : Ride in Classic Cars, Making your Video of Your Trip to Cuba, Booking at the Rental House Villa Llerena, and also offers the possibility that you can offer our Rental Houses and / or Services, starting from our Database and Soft that we will provide for it. To complement it, it offers Information about Cuba, where you can access the links of: Tourist Guides, Tourist and Historical Information, Maps of Cuba, and the most important Places of Cuba (more than 600) that can be searched by Types and / or Function. You can also directly book one or more Classic Cars to make your City Tour, within the assortment of Cars offered.

Rental Houses Site


It allows showing the most significant details of the Rental Houses (more than 500) from a Search Engine where the Place where you want to search will be selected (few Search engines from other sites provide this option), the Category of the Rental House, the Type of House or Apartment, giving the possibility of searching for residence, house or complete apartments and / or rooms in house or apartment. The results to be provided may be summarized or expanded. For each house, different Buttons with different functions are displayed.
- Details button (of the desired House). It will show the Extended Data of that House and all the Places located in the Distribution where the house is located will be shown.
- Reserve button.. Allows you to request a Reservation for the desired house, which will be consulted with the owner and a response will be provided as soon as possible.
- Reservations button. It allows showing the Booking Calendar of a house and showing the Status of a Booking made, directly giving its Code or searching within a Booking Search Engine (with Show Booking Information). You can also Reserve another House by giving your Code or Modify a Reservation Data.
- Testimonials Button. It allows showing all the Guest Testimonials of the selected Rent House or another one indicated. It also allows inserting or displaying Testimonials from Guests and / or Owners of the Houses on a completed Reservation, giving its Code.
- Maps, Info, button. It allows to observe Maps, Information and / or Places by Function and / or Type of Distributions, Municipalities and / or Provinces of Cuba.
- To see photos. It allows you to see the photos of the desired house. Using the Links: Next and Prev that appear on the right and left, you can view the next or previous Photo respectively, and with X Close to exit the Photo view.
By clicking on the upper logo, you can access the Main Site llerytur.com and with the lower logo the Rental Houses Site casas.llerytur.com .

Reserve Status Site


It allows to show the State in which a reservation is, from a Search Engine, where you will have to enter the Agency's Username and Password. You can Search by selecting any of the following Data: Status of the Reservation you want to Search for, Zone of the House where you are, Reserved House, Country you reserved, Client who reserved (you must previously select the Country), Period in which you will search ( From and To). And immediately the results of reservations that meet the selected conditions will appear. The results may appear paginated and you can change the number of results to show at the bottom of the page. You can change the order (ascending or descending) of the results shown, changing the Order with the Arrow that appears, by clicking on: Code, House, Client, Country, Entry, Exit, Rooms (rented), To Pay, Paid, State, Agency and Wholesaler. You will be able to visualize the Status and Data of the Reservation by clicking on the View of the desired Reservation Code. Likewise you will be able to see the Description, Photos, and Comments and Nearby Places of the reserved House, by clicking on the corresponding View Button. By clicking on the logo above, you can access the Main Site llerytur.com .

Main Tourist Services Site

Main Tourist Services

Selecting from the Bar Menu on the page you can directly access some of our Service offers, such as: Packages and Tourist Circuits, City Tour, Cuba Tour, Diving Classes or Excursions, Dance Classes and Spanish and Computer Language , as well as see Customer Testimonials. The LleryTur option in the Menu Bar goes directly to the Main Site llerytur.com .


Rent Houses

Our Agency offers you the Best Options for Rent Houses, Economic and Varied Tourist Packages, Tours of the City (CityTour) or of Cuba (CubaTour) with various transportation options, using or not convertible Classic Cars in excellent condition of conservation and guidance Guide drivers with great knowledge of their work. To complement optional excursions or diving classes where you can admire the coral beauties and the varieties of aquatic species and dance classes. If you wish, you can also combine your visit to Cuba with Language or Computer courses. And for Travel Agencies we offer you an iframe that accesses our Databases of Rental Houses and Tourist Offers


Programe su Viaje por Cuba

Our Web Site offer the widest Cuban Information for satisfy your desire. Show a Cuban Guide, a Touristic Guide, Specialty Guide, Touristic and Historical Information and Maps from Cuba by provinces, municipalities and neighborhoods (of Habana only). Too give You information about the places by Function (where To eat?, to buy ?, to go ?) or Type (Shop, Restaurant, Cafeterias, Theater,..).

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