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Is the most eastern province of Cuba. It is considered the most mountainous province of the country, with a very wide fluvial net, that contains from little streams until copious rivers like Toa, Miel, Duaba and Yumuri. According to the Baracoa tradition, who takes a bath in Miel river, be rejuvenated. This river owns cristallyne and warm waters.

In this zone we can find almost extinguished zoological species, as the almiqui, one prehistorical rodent.

The sugar cane refinery guarantee the sugar cane process. In the mountains are cultivated coffee and cacao. Guantánamo is the first productor of salt in the country.

Guantanamo Province has the following Municipalities :

Guantanamo, Baracoa, Caimanera, Maisi, El Salvador, Yateras, San Antonio del Sur, Imias, Manuel Torres and Niceto Pérez.

When Spaniards arrived, this region was inhabited by tainos aborigens. They were ceramists, farmers and rebelds and never gave way to the spanish conquers. The political indian chief (cacique) Hatuey fought against the conqueror until get in prison and was condemned to die in bonfire.

In 1796 was founded Santa Catalina de Guantanamo, nowadays GUANTANAMO City, capital of the province.


In Guantanamo Province we can find the first city in Cuba founded by the Spaniards and one of the first in America : Baracoa.
In 1512 Diego Velazquez founded a spanish village in cuban lands, close to the mouth of Macaguanigua river, in the eastern extreme of Guantanamo province, the name was "Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion de Baracoa".



From this city, surrounded by mountains and with entry to the sea, the Spaniard went to conquer other regions of the country. La FarolaBaracoa is an indian word meaning "elevated land". The town remained isolated until "La Farola", the famous highway, was built in the 1960's. Baracoa's broad Malecon along the northeast side of town has been La Farolacalled the first oceanside drive in the Caribbean and it's certainly one of the finest. This lovely, relaxing town shelters a number of important sights, and visitors can make several interesting excursions in the surrounding area.

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